Born and raised in Buenos Aires Argentina, Franco found surfing as a child, which changed his life forever. At an early age Franco found Californian massage (name given in argentina to Esalen massage), a technique which uses rhythm, corporal expression and sensitivity, it was like a new kind of artistic expression mixing everything he loved. He gained a degree and became a professional therapist developing his personal style mixing in surf and music working around the world

His style is creative, flowing and amorphous, no two massages are the same which requires a deep connection with the subject integrating the whole body in a gentle, caring way



I believe that the answer lies within motion, in the constant quest to return the body its mobility. We work on the massage table with amorphous joint movements. This work generates passive awareness in the way we move and control our limbs.

All the movements we perform every day such as eating, talking on the phone or driving, generate movement patterns that are set up to be repeated over and over again. Often these patterns generate energetic and muscular blocks, which in turn generate contractures in the body.

We try to unlock these patterns through movement working with both, physical and psychological limits to show the body, in an unconscious way, what is blocked and what to do to solve it.

The Massage

Esalen massage is a form of body therapy That was created at the center Esalen in Big Sur, California. “Eseleen” was the name of the Indian tribe That inhabited the area located 70km south of what is now Known as Monterrey and where, in the early 60’s, Michael Murphy and Dick Price Initiated a center for alternative education, this was a non-profit organization dedicated to interdisciplinary studies that were generally neglected or ignored by traditional academia.

Amongst the figures in the scientific, artistic and philosophical world at one point that or another resided at Esalen, were Aldous Huxley, Henry Miller, Abraham Maslow, Linus Pauling. And, Fritz Perls, creator of the Gestalt therapy was one of the most Regular contributors.

Esalen massage, like Gestalt therapy, is integrative, making it dynamic and open to multiple variations, which Incorporate techniques from other therapies.

It is characterised by a combination of short movements within encompassed long fluid strokes and integrative, That Involve the whole body, in original type of movements are meant to Increase conscious contact-through body awareness, breathing and Presence, “here and now work” According to one of the characteristics of the gestalt process.

Everyone can benefit from esta type of massage. Esalen massage is useful in especially difficult periods of stress or mourning, it can be useful to combat also every-day stress, fatigue, depression or somatization and is highly recommended for people the wrong way who Live with their bodies.


This therapy can help people also who are isolated from others by fear of contact, making them experience a relationship with close body contact in a place of safety.



Taking the patient to the ocean

The ocean is something that has brought me many answers throughout my life. As a surfer and bodyworker I began to understand and analyze the effect the ocean has on us when we spend many hours in it.

Playing with the waves is something that most of us have in our consciousness as healing and revitalizing. Sea salt makes us feel energized and clean, seemingly removing the burdens from our shoulders after every dive

In order to achieve a state of total surrender, we take the patient to the ocean. Eyes closed and face to the sky, floating all the time, the patient surrenders to the therapist’s hands feeling the movement of water in each joint. It is through the influence of the motion of the waves that the patterns of movement begin to conflict and where the patient finally has a place to get free.

The exercises range from floating; submerging the patient below the waves or to release the patient to feel a wave (if one does not control the body) the force of the water can provide thousands of tiny movements into our system.

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